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Products – OFF GRID

Through a strategic alliance with Qore Energy, Eco-Shift Power Corp is bringing proven off grid solutions to customer and energy solution providers around the world. These cost effective and efficient alternatives are now being considered by thousands of customers around the world. If you want to control the future energy consumption outlay and experiencing high cost of electricity, compounded by yearly increases, these solution can be an answer for you.

OffGrid_Solar_PVSolar photovoltaic (PV) systems to suit both commercial and industrial sectors for new build, refurbishments and existing buildings. The combined knowledge of construction and PV systems of our certified installers can provide you with a building integrated, roof or ground mounted PV system. They will manage the process from the design & consultation stage right through to installation and performance monitoring. Make money, save money. In many regions, tax free investment guarantees and rebates make this a viable solution with saving and enjoyment for years. We can supply and fit all equipment need which means a hassle-free experience for you.
OffGrid_Biomass Biomass is rapidly becoming the most popular renewable heating option in the many regions. Economical and environmentally friendly, biomass systems are powered by locally sourced woodchip and can be used to heat large scale properties such as farms, estates and even whole communities. Biomass heating can mean significant fuel savings as well as a greatly reduced impact on the environment. Certain Government’s planned incentive programs could also mean customers are able to earn hundreds or even thousands in income a year on top of their own fuel savings.
 OffGrid_Solar_ThermalA Solar Hot Water or Solar Thermal system captures solar energy and uses it to heat water, displacing the use of fossil fuels in heating up a hot water cylinder, heating system, swimming pool or industrial process. They are used in conjunction with existing heating technologies to ensure you have hot water whatever the weather. Panels can be installed on pitched or flat roofs or on a ground-mounted frame. They can also be integrated into buildings as part of innovative facade systems and canopies. Again, in certain regions, this technology can provide an income stream of its own for over 20 years, through incentives and rebates.
 OffGrid_Heat_PumpsA Heat Pump is a system of pipes and clever technology that extracts energy from external sources and converts it into heat for water or central heating. There are three types of Heat Pump: ground source, air source and water source. Each type works in the same way, the only difference being the initial source of the energy, or “heat”. As with most of our off-grid solutions, in many regions this technology can provide an income stream of its own for over 20 years, trough incentives and rebates.


The pictures and portions of the narrative above used by permission from Qore Energy. For more information about Qore Energy, visit their website at