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Research, design, engineer and oversee the manufacturing of lighting products and solutions that excel in both on-grid and off-grid installations


The widest variety of lighting and power platform management tools to control, manage every aspect of your lighting components.


Key business alliances, we obtain insight from leaders in their own fields to improve our products and solution.


Original Equipment Manufactured for Industry, Commercial and Government Virtual Power Plant Platforms and Management Solutions Key Business Alliances with World Class Retro-fitters and other Energy Solutions.
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Eco-Shift Power Corp provides energy efficient lighting solutions to public and private customers.

With our team of experienced industry professionals and certified lighting experts we engineer products and solutions to allow commercial, industrial and governments to effectively manage their lighting resources, maximize savings, improve the beauty and ambiance of environment of their facilities, consider the safety of those who enter their space, all the time minimizing the effect on the ecology and the environment.

Our goal is to bring innovative design solutions to our customers so they can consistently implement successful lighting projects that improve facilities, save energy, and reduce operating costs and integrating with other energy demands and providers.